long days long night

It seemed like a long weekend, too, but was it? No, just felt so. I had a bajillion things on the to-do list and didn’t get to most of them. Soreness and being tired killed most of it. Sciatica and such will kill me yet. I didn’t get to any of my Saturday events to take photos, and will have to play catch-up today (Monday).

Saturday night was Mr Husband’s swanky company party, in SF, and it had a Casino Royale theme — formalwear, gaming tables, funny money, fabulous prizes, great food and free-flowing beverages. It was fun playing the executive’s wife. I had on a floor-length beaded purple gown with a plunging back — photos posted! But six hours in those fabu heels really did me in.
Sunday was the Great Garage and Shed Cleanout — the kids pitched in and were super troopers. Got the whole shebang done, and I’ve been sitting here Freecycling (i.e. giving it away). (I couldn’t sleep anyway so why not?!)
It was gorgeous weather all last week and over the weekend. We’re looking forward to another good one here — first, the newspaper, then my women’s group financial report is due this week, plus bills, appointments, Freecycling all this stuff, heading toward the holiday weekend and our youngest daughter’s birthday.
Then school’s out and summer. Then winter. Then summer again. Then winter. And so on.
Wait! Slow down!
PS: Notice the cool art/craft table behind us on the left. Did I mention that Mr. Husband gave me a fantastic crafting area in the dining room? Wa-hoo, there it is, with the red chair.

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    And, yeah, you guys do look like you’re going to prom… add a wrist corsage to complete the look. I only wish that I still looked young enough to pull off looking like prom night!

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