after the ball…

This was a very challenging weekend. Saturday we cleaned and baked cakes, then I went to LunaFest, for which I did set-up and MC’d the first show. Then I dashed home (in 3-inch heels) to hostess the after-party at my house AND prep the prom party for my two girls. Alameda High’s junior prom — very exciting! (and costly…)

We literally had 2 parties going at once — about 12 prom kids and parents having a potluck and taking photos, and a dozen or so Luna ladies drinking wine and ooohing over the prom kids. Then they left, and we waited up for prom kids — who arrived after midnight. They were all sleeping over and they were up until 4 a.m. talking and goofing off. I finally FINALLY went to ask them to go to bed — and because of the clock change, it was “really” 5 a.m.

Plus (there’s more!) we had our sick-almost dying-maybe recovering old cat Elvis wheezing in bed with us all night. Today I am a *zombie* trying to get ready for work and my women’s group branch tomorrow. I’m supposed to give a financial report and ACK. That requires a level of attention which I can’t quite yet give. I will be up early tomorrow to get it done.

If I was supposed to call you or otherwise do anything for you this weekend, pray forgive me, because my brain and body were otherwise engaged.

A day of running around in fabulous pink heels did nothing good for my sciatica (don’t I sound decrepit these days?). I’m going upstairs to fall down in a coma on top of an ice pack.

But the girls sure did look fabulous! Wow, they sure do grow up…(again, sounding decrepit…)

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