hell’s kitchen

that’s where we are today — roasting on a spit, being basted with sweat. Ick.

But actually I LOVE the heat. So I’m faux-complaining just to get the ball rolling here. Today was Bike to Work Day and I did so — I think it’s about 5 miles though I actually have to clock it tomorrow to make sure. Each way! In the heat! It was not hard going, since Alameda is so darn flat, but it wasn’t my good bike, since one daughter rode it and got a flat the other day. So I rode her bike, and it is too short, even for me. My booty is sore and my legs a little wobbly, and my face was beet red when I got home. But it was still fun. A pity I couldn’t find any of those free juice and goodies stations.

Luckily our friend Conrad came into the office today with danishes and cut fruit. It was just like a bike-to-work station. Thanks, Conrad. Four out of five Alameda Sun staff rode bikes today. Woo hoo! Watch for the photo in the paper next week. I’ll get it for here, too.

My plants are wilting a bit in the veggie garden but I’m going to wait a bit longer before watering tonight. Still too hot. We just got the news about East Bay water rationing, so I’m working to determine how much water we usually use, and how to see exactly how we can measure our progress. Besides just cutting back. I want to see a goal and a measurable result.

Here’s what we’re doing so far — turning off water for hand-washing and teeth-brushing. Full loads in dish and clothes washer. Short showers — 5 mins only! If it’s yellow, let it mellow. (Except in the guest bathroom.) Use water twice — I mean, while rinsing the coffee pot in the morning, I water the plants with the rinse water. Like that. We’re gonna see if we can use the graywater from our washer to water the yard. We use eco soap and cold water, no rinses or bleach, so it should be possible. It’s just Day 2 of the rationing so we have lots to do.

We also heard on the news today about the state’s Supreme Court backing the constitutional right to gay marriage. Wa hoo! Good for us. We actually do sometimes get it right. Not often. But sometimes. Equal rights for all — life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Amen to that.

I could keep writing but this office is hot, and I want some fresh air and am waiting for dearest Mr. Husband to being home sushi for his lovely bride and daughters. I love sushi, though it’s not good to eat it all the time because it is emptying the ocean. But once a month is OK, I should think. Besides, I need the omega-3.

I have more to tell — but later, when it gets cooler in here. (fanning self). Mmmm. Love the heat.

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