weekend’s end

Monday Monday, and guess what’s happening on Wednesday?

Gov. Schwarzenegger is scheduled to speak at the Bay Area Council Outlook Conference here in Alameda @ the Hornet April 16. http://www.bayareacouncil.org/events_outlook_conference.php Registration ($500 per seat) starts at 7:30 a.m., program is 8:30 a.m. – 3 p.m., and the Governor is scheduled to speak at 10:30 a.m.

Be there — I will (or one of my compatriots).

Spent the weekend in the garden (see Backyard Bliss for updates and pix). Ran around Berkeley with teens. Went to Erin’s all-chick 40th birthday party Saturday evening, then home for date night with Husband. Friday night was the home opener for Husband’s softball team, and they lost by an extreme number of runs, so we just won’t mention it here at all. I also had dinner with my women’s leadership team at California Pizza Kitchen in Emeryville Friday night (before the game) and sitting right next to us was Cee Belou, Husband’s dear friend, and her husband and daughter from Brooklyn and two grandchildren. These lovely people helped Mia find a place to live when she first arrived in NYC. They are the best — on our list of favorite people in the world. (It’s a short list, too….other folks are on the Fabu List or the CrazyPartyPeople list….) It was great to see them but impossible because I was in a dinner meeting. Oh well. Time for another BBQ…It’s coming — the Tres de Mayo party (not Cinco because that’s a Monday night, yuk). Watch for details.

Sunday: Freecycle rounds, and free stuff rounds, which included EIGHT backyard stackable resin chairs (we can now seat you when you come over), a white wicker coffee table, a rolling silver rack/shelf unit (both for new store); art supplies, a load of scalloped bricks for the garden, and an orange tree. Yes, an orange tree. Which we had to dig up ourselves. While doubleparked on a one-way street. And forgot the shovel. Nice folks lent us one and we dug it out and off we went.

When I say “we” I mean Husband did the digging and I watched and made appropriate comments. Or inappropriate comments. He’s trying to protect my back, which is complaining thanks to some unhappy sciatic nerves. I’m supposed to stretch more. I will, in a little while.

I need to get to the office and do a whole lot of writing this week. I have a great food bank story in progress (watch for it this week) — Paul Russell of the Alameda Food Bank is one of my heroes. If you have $5 to spare, or groceries you can share, get thee to the Alameda Food Bank at 1900 Thau Way, Alameda CA 94501. It’s near the Kinko’s/Walgreen’s/Sbux at Webster Street. These folks are the best. They simply couldn’t be kinder or more genuine. Trust me. I know.

I also have lots of events I went to last week, like the firemen’s graduation, the volunteer appreciation luncheon at Mastick, and so on. This week seems calmer, so far. Then next week: NY! Mia! Woo hoo!

Photos and such will be posted soon. I missed the school rally last week because we just don’t have the staff to be everywhere. If I could clone myself, or hire a few…we’ll see. Maybe one day.

Happy Monday.

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