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Missive from Mia

Watch: i’m going to do the i-got-a-job-dance! i got the science museum job and it looks like it’s going to be really fun!

i work the various ticket booths and such. a bad day would be working the cloak-room. good day= running the simulator rides (like the Days of Thunder ride, lots of throwing around and shaking) and the imax theater. there are a ton of shops and places to eat (snack bars, really cheap NICE restaurant, etc.) and i get discounts in them all. all for making way more money than at the pub and getting to sit all day. score!

i also got my first big run of the shopping spirit. yesterday lindsay and i hit oxford street and went into TopShop. annnd turned out that was the only store we went into because we did quite the lot of damage there. but jolly good fun and lots of cute european clothes to boot. i felt very “in” today in my suuuuper skinny tight legged jeans, little kitten heels and a big poncho looking sweater thing. oh yes, and bundled up with legwarmers, scarf and jacket. sorta kate moss sounding, yes? or maybe, keira knightley? (if no, just go with me…)

alas, soapstar superstar is over but my beloved Richard won (all sixteen years of him) and now i am a Coronation Street junkie (the soap he is on here) just to catch a glimpse of him hopping in and out of beds. (it’s a very scandalous show)

i have a request, and only if it’s not a big deal but if you could, mummy, would you mind going into my bag (the smaller carry on type zipper one that matches the suitcase set i got) and sending me the two practical pairs of gloves i should have packed instead of the pretty, fashionable ones i did? there is a pair of red gloves with the fingers cut off and a purple pair of the same style but whole. 🙂 WOULD LOVE YOU if you could manage. it shouldn’t cost much right? i can always pay you back or .. not love you. whichever you prefer.

(note from mummy: found them, they’re on their way.)

i found a library right down the street so i am excited to (hopefully) be able to borrow books. will save £££ and of course, i won’t have to carry them all back home. PLUS i still can’t find Bill [Bryson] anywhere…though he does a poster in the tube that is promoting his new book!

i also forget to tell you that i got an audition for one of my schools! it’s march 7. i do hope i get the other two or at least one more because it’s going to cost me quite a bit to go into NYC and yikes, if it’s only for one audition! oh well. keep your eye on the mail though (as if you didn’t have enough to do) and let me know the minute you see anything. i have to make those arrangements soon!

umm can’t think of anything else now. talk to you soon, i hope. stay sane, it’s just life! you’ll get through it, you always do. i looooooooooooooooove you! miamia

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