Her Digs, and a Word from Your Sponsor

Forgot to post her mailing address, if you should wish to write to the Queen of Coronation Street:

Mia Romero c/o 12 Delvino Road, London SW64AD England

In other news: still on jury duty, damn damn damn but soon off it, I hope.

Yet more news: Alameda Literati is on TV now. Check this out: http://alamedatv.org/ and also this: http://alamedatv.org/programs/literati.html — notice who the producer is 😉 — it’s me!!!

Yep, this is one of my new forays — into television. I’m working with the director of local cable TV on producing a literary program, starting with Alameda Literati footage and continuing into other arenas — taping Red Hills Reviews readings, for example. We were all vexed that we didn’t record the spiritual readings program, which was outstanding. So we won’t miss the next one. And I will get DVDs of the shows so if you miss it, I may let you borrow it. MAYBE. Beg nicely.

I have wicked amounts of work to do for new clients, for Red Hills (YES, I KNOW), for general housekeeping, for The Music Scene (already) and beyond. It’s bad enough to be on jury duty. But now I’m hooked on “24” and “American Idol” is about to start up again. Gadzooks! How is a gal supposed to get anything done?

Answer: She doesn’t.

Ah, well.

Advice for Aspiring Writers: Forget about the girl. Move to London yourself.

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