Free at Last

Finally got off jury duty, with my integrity intact. Although I would have liked to have fed them a line about my white supremacy activities or my hatred of lawyers or belief that people are guilty until proven innocent, I rather found myself compelled to give my best to the process and was brutally honest in my answers. The fact that I am a journalist who is working on a story about a club where some of the action of the crime took place was pretty much enough to get me dismissed. But I hung in there until the end. So I guess I have a six-month reprieve until I’m eligible for JD again. Hope they miss me for a while.

At least I made my $15 a day (with only $10 of that spent for parking, and $7 for lunch, and…um, never mind).

I could go on, but am forced to turn my hand to CD reviews for The Music Scene, and more, to catch up after a long week of civic duty. Deadline calleth.

More to come.

And now, heeeeeeeeere’s Mia!

Missive from Mia

So how is the jury duty? can you release any details yet? i am so glad i’ve never been called yet and for a few years more at least, get off. maybe one day i’ll feel like doing my civic duty though.

science museum is good fun! horrible “jumper” uniforms but, eh — to sit around and play solitaire all day, can’t really complain. we have now been evacuation-trained because since we are a national museum we are apparently vulnerable to terrorist threats. but otherwise, good job so far. easy, easy.

the last couple of nights, i’ve gone out! i’ve made friends! one night we went up to a friend-of-friend’s and hung out with a group of guys and girls (all american, ha!) and that was fun. and last night, we went on our very first pub crawl with the kids of the White Horse (previous pub job) to the five best pubs in london. and after the 4th…well, i can know say (don’t worry too much) that i have hung upside down by my knees on the tube’s railing (like monkey bars)…while it was moving. hahaha. good times.

Note from Mum: Yee gads…

i deliberated whether or not to tell you but the thing to keep in mind was that the tube was nearly deserted at 11 on a wednesday night and i was with a huge group of fun, young, drunken brits, aussies, french, american and canadians all out to live life up “overseas.” and there were two businessmen observing nearby who said, “we should have done that. we should have gone to a foreign country in our early twenties and experienced that.” it made me feel really great.

the kids are wild and it was fun. we got kebabs at midnight and somehow this morning, i woke up and found a brick in my room that has london brick engraved all over it. apparently i wanted a souvenir last night. 🙂

in other news: i have my first london cold, cheers! i am determined to not let it slow me down though and definitely just trying to take lots of vitamins, wrap up right etc. i can’t wait until you are here, mom! i keep thinking “this’ll be so great to show mama and we’ll have to do this!” i especially think of you when i pass Liberty [of London] now. also because i remembered that in your first trip here you brought us back hankerchiefs from there! and at the time, i had not a clue of the value. love it, wish it were here.

Note from Mum: I can’t believe she remembers that handkerchief. 😉

i got my bank account here (its with natwest) and my earnings from the museum will directly deposit every friday. so that makes me feel better because, ahh, rent is due again tomorrow. (paying weekly rent seriously kills your desire to spend!)

if it won’t cost much, i would absolutely adore Billy-boy’s book. i reaaaally want to read and seriously, can not find [it anywhere]. people keep handing me other books and i keep stamping my foot in frustration. oh yes, and not to vouch for anything in particular but put getting your passport renewed at the TOP of the list, because then you can come to me! come to meeee, mama! i miss you dearly, dearly. i hope you will call soon. i almost called the other day and realized it would be a monday afternoon at the Sun, your time, so maybe not a good idea. but anywho, soon soon. i love i love i love love love you! mia

P.S. CHEERS FOR THE GLOVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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