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Missive from Mia

Lindsay and i are planning our summer traveling and we have decided to head over to germany, poland, czech and hungary. and while we are there, we shouldn’t we stop into yugoslavia and see natasha, yes? i was thinking that would be so cool. do you think it’s possible? could you e-mail natasha? or give me her address? i would love it.

We have had sort of a lazy saturday. last night i took myself out to a nice dinner and sat and read with my pint. it was nice. i don’t think i have ever dined by myself before. lindsay and her sister met up with me and we left to go buy chocolate and cider and watch soapstar superstar. haha. i could have definitely met people in that pub but all the guys were wasted and skeezy. yuck. no word from the museum yet. eek! nothing else to report. except that i love you and it was really nice to talk to you the other night.i needed that.

lots of kisses!miamia

Note from Mama

Any of you have friends and relations in any of the above countries? Who want visitors from California? Lemme know…

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