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January 8, 2006|Posted in: Uncategorized

(I’m catching up on the past few posts from Mia and will repost myself soon.)

Missive From Mia

hi there, love!

lindsay and i found a place, mama! we did, in one day!! the other places we spent all day at were absolutely horrifying!! we moved in this morning. we are living in a little victorian with an elderly woman named amanda. she’s absolutely adorable and hip and SO SO british. before she would show us the house, we sat down for a cup of tea. and along with tea, came crumb cake. haha, loved it.

lindsay and i each have our own room, mine is smaller so i am paying £70 a week and linds = £80. each room has it’s own gas fireplace. good deals!! all the other places where we would have shared one room would have been like 90 each so we really scored. she is super sweet and hardly there so we are very excited. we live in parson’s green, an absolutely adorable area with a park and a huge cathedral and a girl’s school right around the corner. around three, they all come out giggling in their uniforms. and if you are on the tube around then, it looks like hogwarts!

we also explored the neighborhood a bit and discovered an internet cafe (where i am now. it’s only £1 an hour. so very nice. also: a starbucks on the block. i’m in heaven! now i can relax about the housing issue… focus on getting a job. i’m not too worried. we have ‘cheap’ rent and lots of places to inquire into.

i think that is all for now. i’m having a blast and i super super super miss you. everything reminds me of my ma and i keep thinking ‘i can’t wait till mom is here’ and ‘wait till i show mommy!’

kisskisskisskiss. write again soon-
love, your mia

ps: you were right about the luggage. it was hell moving from the hostel allllll the way across town but we did in in two trips and won’t have to again for months! (hopefully) but i’m glad to have all my clothing. after this, we are going to oxford and picadilly circus to get sheets and curtains etc. make the rooms a bit more homey.

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