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Who is Veronika Layne? She’s a sassy, tattooed, twenty-something newspaper reporter living and working at an independent community paper in a small city near San Francisco Bay. Never saw herself working for “the Man.” When her small weekly is swallowed up by Singh Media Group, that’s exactly where she ends up, though. Stuck writing fluff pieces that might as well be ads, how can she resist digging into rumors that a real estate developer is destroying native burial grounds? Warned away at every turn by her editor, she worries whether the story will see the light of day? And, dazzled by her sexy rival-turned-coworker, Ivan, what is she going to do about her love life?



“Brilliant imagery, sharp wit, and an entertaining voice had me whizzing through this sexy-fun story. A light read woven with enough depth and juicy suspense to keep the reader on edge, Veronika delivers what it promises and more.” — Christina Mercer, award-winning author of The Honey Queen, Arrow of the Mist and Arms of Anu

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Want more — no fear! Veronika has more assignments and stories to chase and investigate. There could be more handsome men, buried treasure, skeletons in the closet…who knows? Will she find true love? Find out in #2 of the Hot Off the Press series, Veronika Layne Stops the Presses, spring 2015!


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  1. Thanks for participating in the blog hop. It’s incredibly generous of you to give away copies of your new release 🙂 I hope you have a wonderful holiday!

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