the end, and the beginning

I think, I think Measure H passed — by 105 votes? That’s the last I heard, and we posted it to the Web but our story for tomorrow still says losing by one vote. At least we didn’t say it had totally lost in big letters. That’s a plus-one for us this week. However, there is a distinct disadvantage to a weekly cycle, mainly, that life goes on no matter when your press run is. So there we are.

Tonight our Mia comes in. Friday our Moni graduates. Our Ana got perfect attendance and a prize (tix to see the A’s) and a B average, which means she’s earned a TV in her room all summer. Our other ones are doing well, and so looking forward to summer. We’re down to one occasional sofa surfer, and that’s nice, but it feels quiet around here — if a houseful of 6 or 7 can be quiet, ever. But so it goes.

Just put a bunch of sliced apples on the dehydrator and whipped up a batch of cat food. Whipped up is an exaggeration — it bubbled in a crockpot all day and I just did the blenderizing and put it away. Ask me about this activity if you really want to know. I’m trying to pass the time until 10:30 when I leave for the airport. Not easy when I go to bed at 10 most nights. We’re going to Chico Saturday for my dear friend Catie’s wedding. Road trip! And we’ll do it the eco way, taking our own lunches and snacks and mugs and water.

The veggies are up and taking over. I seem to have more pumpkins than anything else and that is just not OK. I have one zucchini producing already and a crookneck squash right behind it. There are a couple of mystery squashes growing; my luck they will all turn out to be pumpkins. I also have a couple of gourds growing. Cukes, not so many. I think I have two, and they are very small and not blooming yet. I want lots of those but I may have blown that. May be too late. However, corn is a-coming in, 52 stalks so far and it’s about 3-4 inches high. Growing half an inch a day, it looks like. I also have an abondanza of tomatoes. If they all fruit, I have about a dozen bushes and will be swimming in red and yellow.

Grapes are coming along, though someone/something knocked a branch off. That is tres annoying. That’s months of growing, gone. I have some raspberries that will not likely bloom and fruit but I wanted it as much for the leaves for tea. So that’s actually OK. Any fruit is a bonus. Same goes for the strawberry patch — which is doing OK. We’ve lost some with hot spells and then chilly weather, but they are doing all right. I haven’t had much fruit, though. Raccoons? Maybe.

I thought I had finished putting the fourth grade’s poetry book together when I just realized that half the pages printed upside down. Damn! That’s a $50 loss in printing fees and I’ll have to go back and print it again. Before Friday! Such a bummer. Waste of paper, too. That’s all I have to say about that because I am so annoyed that I want to throw something. Grrrr!

And…looks like we’re not moving to the West End just yet. We are back on the market for another office. Other place didn’t work out, which is a serious bummer because I loved the space, the location, the cheerful color scheme, and all the potential. Sigh. We’re working with our good friend Kathy Moehring of WABA (West Alameda Biz Assn) to find us a better space. Watch for the announcement here…

And…had a great visit with my parents and Aunt Barbara over the weekend — truly fun and pleasant and good food and lots of laughing. Her only regret was that she didn’t get to see all the kids.

This begins to sound like a to-do-list in reverse. I-did-em-all, I guess you’d call it. Well, I did. And I’m justifiably tired but proud. What have you done lately? Drop a line and let us know.

Lesson recently learned: Get it in writing.

Another lesson recently learned: I’m happiest when I’m at home. And glad I have one.

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