new day a-dawning

Did you see the full moon last night? So yellow and warm — despite the cold wind. Where does that come from, anyway — Alaska? Siberia? Canada? Yikes. The sun is just peeking up; I can see it turning the port cranes and trucks pinkish. I love that early morning aura.

Got fan mail from a non-fan who tells me to stop practicing my “dark arts.” Um, hello? As if, when running a newspaper, starting up a retail business and shepherding a family around the Island and the planet, I have time to meddle in the dark arts? As if I have time to even scrub the grout in my bathroom? Hmm. If I did practice the dark arts, it would be to get someone to floss my teeth for me, or have them floss themselves, perhaps. My kids would all have perfect teeth and perfect grades and perfect attendance. I would never have cold feet again, and the odd eyebrow hair that wants to grow the wrong way would go away forever. So would the cowlick that prevents me from having a middle part. And it would rain chocolate on Thursdays.

If I practiced the dark arts, believe you me, friends, you would know it.

Meanwhile, back on planet Earth, Mr Husband and I are preparing for our grand adventure to fabulous Manhattan, to which I’ve been a number of times but Husband has been just once, and because of business, didn’t have the opportunity to see the sights. So we’re gonna see them all. Can’t wait. I don’t know if I’ll have access to an Internet cafe, but if I do, I will post. Otherwise, I’ll be gone for a few days and will catch up afterward, next week.

We’re looking forward to watching Mia graduate and also sing in a cabaret revue; touring Yankee Stadium, breakfasting with his sister, nights on the town, and hitting the fun iconic places like strolling up Fifth Ave and Wall Street and the like. Bringing back tchotchkes and T-shirts for the kids. Bloomingdale’s and the Statue of Liberty and drinking a Manhattan in Manhattan. The Village. The Met. The subway. The 42nd Street Theater, where The Phantom continues its run, is where we’ll see Mia do her thing on Thursday. says it will be warmish — not rainy or snow — in NY. Here it’s supposed to rain. So I hope my veggies will prosper and grow in my absence and not wilt away. Last year, if you were reading along, when Ana and I went to NY and Jersey in April, we got stuck in the snow, rained on mercilessly and occasionally the sun did shine. And it was warm here, of course! We’re hoping for fairer weather this time. But ready for anything.

Like the Scouts say: Be prepared.

Blessed Monday, brethren.

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