gone baby gone

…the girl is gone. I’m syncing my iPod, writing my last story for the week, washing laundry and trying to pack, before falling asleep. Off to NYC tomorrow and can’t wait to sleep on the plane. Mostly because I still have a lot to do tonight and will doubtless be tired tomorrow anyway.

Note to non-fan: Stop reading. No one is forcing you to read. Take a hint. Go away.
Note to everyone else: I’ll miss you.

Big news in Sun on Thursday: watch for it. Rather feisty school board this evening. I enjoyed it. Kids are prepped, lots to do still but anyway, I’m out of here and will be back late Sunday — and doubt I’ll have the juice to write when I get just home. It will be 2 a.m. for me by then, I think.

Anyway. I’m procrastinating. Story calls me. Must go, must pack, etc etc.
Love u. Mean it.

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