New Missive from Mia

Posting her latest email — they have been few and short, of late; instead, we racked up hundreds of dollars in phone bils (or at least I did). Ack. So we’re back to email again. She’ll be done in London June 30, then is traveling to Egypt for two weeks, then to Germany, Prague, Hungary, Serbia, and Italy. There are other stops but i can’t remember them all. Probably Vienna. She’s ending up in Portugal and then to London to fly home Aug. 1. Between now and the end of June she’s got weekends packed with adventures — EuroDisney this “weekend” (her days off are Wed and Thurs), courtesy of our longtime friend Mia Gruget, with other trips to Edinburgh and York. Fun to be 21…

From Mia:

bonjour mama —

linds and i are off to eurodisney today to be little girls for a weekend! mia [Gruget] totally hooked us up: hotel, meal passes, another set of day passes for the parks. we are very very excited to say the least. we are trying to live up london in our last days here… we went and saw stomp and avenue q (they changed stuff in it to adapt to london.. very funny) and are trying to go see fool for love with julianne lewis and martin henderson. also titus andronicus at the Royal Shakespeare Co. i also went and saw the royal ballet, which was fabulous and does what it always does to me: make me wonder what would have happened or not happened if i had stuck with ballet.

we’ve been eating great meals and partying hard. i need another month.. or 6 here! i just don’t know how i’m going to leave!! but i know i have lots and lots of excitement coming up and i am looking forward to that but it’s just really kinda wierd to be thinking about my life without london now! dramatic, i know.

anyway, i just wanted to drop you a quick note. i love and miss you and will call you in the next coupla days.



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