First Missive

Missive From Mia

i’m here, i’m here! lindsay and i made it safe and everything is going very smoothly so far. it’s going so well, i’m waiting for something to go wrong! our hostel is soo nice, very comfortable and i’ve been riding the underground like crazy! i think i might just get the hang of it soon. today we are at the student union (where i have internet access, yay! send email, stamps are expensive!) and looking for housing/jobs. lots of posts, hopefully lots of luck too.

the jet lag is stinky. i had the worst time trying to sleep (woke up at 11, 1, 3 and finally got up at 5) but i had a good breakfast and am ready to face the’s COLD here. but it’s still nice. we are actually getting some sun and a few drizzles too. yesterday we went to camden town (it was like berkeley or soho.. SO SO cool) and then onto picadilly circus, to just walk around the shops. i won’t let myself buy anything just yet but i’m in love with the fashion over here! (FYI: all the girls are wearing knee high leather boots with jeans tucked in. gotta get some!) and let me just add: BOYS EVERYWHERE! haha.umm..

can’t think of what else right now. everything is busy and overwhelming and fun and i keep pinching myself to make sure i’m really here. i love and miss you all. write me, write me!! i’m also going to get a cell phone (or a ‘mobile’) today so i will let you know when i have a number.

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