Yoo Hoo from Yugoslavia

FROM our friend Natasha Tucakov:

Dear Julia,

She is here! She is so beautiful, smart and interesting person. Last night she showed us the photos from the journey and we enjoyed it. I wish you were here with us, too.

Today I will take her to the town and at the Petrovaradin fortress, so I hope you’ll be with me, when you see our photos.

I’ll write you soon.

Many greetings to all from the hot Novi Sad

Mia, Natasha and Zoran

p.s. mia’s note: hi mama! Natasha is so wonderful, I really hope that you two can meet someday because she is just the sweetest person. she won’t stop fussing over me..and I love it! she is taking good care of me. (hey, did you know there are real, true blue gypsies here? zoran and I watched a film about them last night. it was really awesome. The little girls look like mini esmeraldas. Haha) Anway, we are dashing off. I LOVE YOU! I will see you in 11 DAYS!!! xoxoxoxo

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