Woo hoo!

Mia got into her second year — woo hoo! Remember I mentioned how she is in the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, and they cut the class in half after the first year? She got in — and it’s funny, she said she got the letter so soon after school ended that they must have had them ready already. No dithering about her, I guess.

It makes a mama proud.

We’ve had a wild and wacky weekend of too much entertaining, with the Pack (the softball team) over for a BBQ on Saturday (it was Packer Fan Appreciation Day…) and then Father’s Day. All the kids made cards for the Dad of the house and I made a cake to the Boy’s specifications: a round cake frosted in white, with red icing “stitches” across it so it looks like a baseball. Then in green icing I wrote GO A’s and DAD on it. So it’s a cake a certain Dad could be proud of.

I’m sitting here in an office that looks like Office Max fought with a Dumpster. It’s an awful mess that has about 3 weeks to live. The weekend of July 15-16, Mr Wonderful is going to Tahoe to play in a softball tournament and have a bachelors’ weekend (party, that is). That’s the weekend I tear this room apart, paint it, then organize it and put it back together.

We are T minus 7 weeks and a few days till the wedding, and four of those weekends are booked with big ole projects. Expect much wailing and gnashing of teeth here as I get more frantic. But more good news: Aunt Barbara found the family wedding hankie so we’re in good shape there.

I have my women’s group tonight in Rohnert Park — ack, long drive there and back again, but one of our number has a new baby and this was the only way she could attend — if we held the mtg at her house. So off we go.

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