this week

tomorrow’s paper done, front page coverage of fire, taxes, task forces and development. Same as it ever was…;-) more to come next week.

The sale at Hank Hooper’s Hootenanny went well, although we sold practically nothing. I say it went well because there were lots of ooohs and aahhhs over the merch but there were so many kids there and we had virtually nothing to buy for kids. That helps to know. Aprons, etc., in smaller sizes to come.

This weekend I have “nothing” on the agenda, which means it will be filled with something. Maybe more crafting. More merch. We’re looking ahead at a possible move, as I think I’ve mentioned, for the business. When that deal is settled there will be much hullabaloo about moving and then a fiesta to celebrate the new digs and expansion of…the all-new Alameda Sun World Headquarters. Woo hoo!

Getting excited about our visit back to NY in mid-April — Husband is coming along. We are very excited. We’re gonna tour Yankee Stadium, even though the Yanks are not in town. It’s the one thing on Husband’s list to do in NY (and no, he doesn’t want to see the Mets play). Other than that, he’s content to see whatever we see along the way. And *no* Broadway shows for him, thanks. That’s reserved for chicks-only junkets.

The weather has been so chilly lately — I just heard that the El Nina phenomenon will keep temps down this summer. Bummer — I like a good hot season. I hope my tomatoes and such will grow. I don’t mind cool weather — but the wind. Ack.

I keep adding items to my calendar; this week has gone crazy. Dental/orthodontic appointments, etc. for the kids, my sister’s birthday which I missed, Chamber of Commerce mixer, photo ops at various sites around town, meetings with mucky mucks and nabobs, plus a meeting to continue planning our product line and Big Move. Then I do believe there are more school budget protests in the works. Watch for photos tomorrow.

And the adult softball season begins Friday night with beloved Husband’s team, The Pack, hitting the diamond at Upper Washington Park at 8:50 p.m. Look for me there on any given Friday night through October. See you there, rain or shine, fog or freeze…brrrrr.

Over and out.

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