vacation return

Back at work in my little city farm, at my little city desk, after a little mountain retreat at Lake Tahoe. Here are some beautiful pix of where we were and what we did.
Daveland, Meyers, South Lake Tahoe.

Mr. Husband and The Boy, with the Eagle Lake bridge behind them.
Yep. That’s me. Blocking the scenery.

The view from a walk.
Upper Truckee River, about a mile from Daveland. Source of all mosquitoes and peaceful views.
Here’s where I was, most of the time. See my journal?
Yes, it’s true. Everywhere I go turns into a hillbilly household.

So…that’s about it. Took everything we needed. The males spent their days at the beach throwing footballs and jumping off rocks. I stayed en casa and knitted, crocheted, embroidered, cooked, wrote poetry, took walks and looked at the stars.
It was nice. Quiet. Refreshing. And lovely. So long, Daveland, til next year (knock on wood).

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