and now, pickles

While we were out…the cukes and zukes went crazy. I knew they would. The tomatoes are conspiring to be right behind. But I’ve counted all my jars and it looks like time to pickle. Today: “Sandwich stackers,” they call them at Vlasic. Gonna slice those cucumbers lengthwise and fill two 1/2 gallon jars with refrigerator pickles. I would attempt to seal these jars for shelf-life, but I don’t have a pot large enough for a full water bath. Actually, I do — that’s a fib — but I’m scared to use it. It’s called Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, and it’s my ginormous pressure cooker [shudders].


Cucumbers from the garden. More than we can eat in one sitting. Even on our best days.
Empty jars. Well, obviously.


Pickles! [cue angel choir]

And then there were pickles.

Next on the agenda? Pickled peppers. We have hot peppers (mine)¬†and mild peppers (farmers’ market), and The Boy likes them on sandwiches. So here we go with my Five Little Peppers mix (the mild ones are just sandwichy, but the hottest ones are Anaheim = jalapeno-hot or hotter).

And that’s how we do around these parts. (Note cleverly reused pepper jar. I might trick you into thinking these are from Mezetta. But they’re not. Gotcha!)
Need help? Consult the oracle.

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  1. Hmmm… flip that book open, would you? How about a recipe for sweet green relish? I always find recipes for weird relishes, but I want a plain relish recipe. Thanks!

  2. Julia, the pickled peppers–are they a fridge pickle or did you reseal them in the jar? I love pickled peppers but can’t find an easy recipee. Can you email me your recipee? I’d give you my recipee for zuchini relish or for mock pineapple if you prefer.

    Joe from facebook/compact

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