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Oct 9

October 9, 2014

What Would Jane Do? A Literary Pilgrimage

 What Would Jane Do? A Literary Pilgrimage By Julia Park I’ve been to England twice before, and to the beautiful Georgian city of Bath in particular, because as a Jane Austen aficionado, a Janeite, if you will, that’s what we do. We follow in her footsteps, we look for the Jane connection, and we read each of her six novels (and the juvenilia, the marginalia, and the letters) as if they were travelogues. Some of them are travelogues of a…

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Aug 9

August 9, 2010

vacation return

Back at work in my little city farm, at my little city desk, after a little mountain retreat at Lake Tahoe. Here are some beautiful pix of where we were and what we did. Daveland, Meyers, South Lake Tahoe. Mr. Husband and The Boy, with the Eagle Lake bridge behind them. Yep. That’s me. Blocking the scenery. The view from a walk. Upper Truckee River, about a mile from Daveland. Source of all mosquitoes and peaceful views. Here’s where I was,…

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Jul 30

July 30, 2010

stuff and nonsense

We’re getting ready to go on vaca for a week at Lake Tahoe, where we’ll stay at the cabin (“Daveland”) for just a wee spot of cash (pay the utilities for the week — sweet!). Vacations of any stripe always mean lots of planning, but this year I’ve planned a little more so than usual. Partly because this is a vacation for 3 instead of a vacation for 7 like last year. Why would planning for 3 involve more planning? Because…

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Aug 20

August 20, 2009

Holiday fun

Dude, it’s Mr Husband and I! We took the cruise of the Lake at Tahoe last week for our anniversary. We joked with the photographer that we were brother and sister. Just being funny. You know how it is. Vaca at Tahoe/Daveland was great. More to follow.

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Sep 12

September 12, 2008

about Pebble Beach, a bit late

We spent Labor Day weekend at Pebble Beach in a McMansion, or maybe it is just a plain old mansion, I don’t know, not having that much experience with mansions of any sort. I’d like to say it was a bit of a test of my ability to relax and enjoy myself and try to keep my Compact (environmental and frugal) ideals intact. I wonder if any of y’all have had this experience — where you’re so busy looking at…

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