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Wow. Stupor-Bowl yesterday nearly ate my brain. Nothing against the game, but lots of people over, lots of cleanup before (I scrubbed baseboards!) and after (potato chips and pistachio shells everywhere), and I ran away from home for a little while to get away from the madding crowd. Too much testosterone makes me wilt like a delicate flower.

Field Trip

So I hied m’self to Beverly’s for something like three hours, where I pawed through the bolts on the discount table and brought home a couple of slices of gingham, so I can try and remember how to do Chicken-Scratch and smocking. I’ve been reading Posy Gets Cozy lately and lately she is all about the smock. It got me remembering my 4th-grade summer school home ec class in Terra Linda, where I smocked a red gingham halter top. I could do that again — not the halter top. Ack. But a peasant blousey thing, perhaps. I got a yard each of an espresso brown and a burgundy/cranberry red color. I have the right pattern and found instructions online. Now all I have to do is l-i-i-i-i-f-t this finger, then th-a-a-a-a-a-a-t one……well, it may take a while. Hold breath. I’ll be back in a while.
Also, tra-la, whilst digging through the upholstery fabrics, i found some awesome natural linen. It was half off, and I saw some spots on some places on the bolt, so asked for and got another 25% off. Woot! That got me about 4 yards of wide linen for less than $20. Hello! I picked out some yarn, in skeins to match the colors of living room (pink, cream and brown) and our bedroom (green and aquas). Why should fabric get to cover all the pillows? I have grand schemes, GRAND ones, I tell you, and this item gets in line before the smocking but perhaps after lunch.

I have a ton of cross-stitch supplies round here somewhere (mostly in Simone’s room — my little needle-maven!), and am also planning to make a little sampler of the Serenity Prayer for the wall. It seems appropriate, given what we’ve been going through and may or may not go through in future. I could find this pattern in its entirety somewhere, I’m sure, but I found an online cross-stitch text/graphing generator, and am planning to stitch this in a Celtic font, just the three main words: Serenity, Courage, Wisdom, as a reminder on the living room wall. While at Beverly’s I picked out three new colors of embroidery floss, to give it a clean, fresh vibe. I could have dug through my old stuff, but this feels important enough to have a clean start and no strings attached, as it were. I’ll post a photo when I get that done. Like, in the next decade or two…

Last but not least, I traded all our empty beer bottles from the Stupor Bowl Fiesta to a local guy who makes his own beer, and he left me a six-pack of homebrew in exchange. Here it is. I wonder how it will taste? Stout and lager, three of each. If it’s good, I’ll have to trade him some jam or a pie or something. I’m all about the barter.

Hope your day is either sunny or rainy, both of which it seems to be right here, right now. Weather — you can’t live with it, you can’t live without it.

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