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Jun 22

June 22, 2011

green guilt, green quilt

The book, Plastic: A Toxic Love Story, has been recommended to me a couple of times and I wanted to offer it in case anyone else wants to read it. It’s on my request list at the library; I’ll post a review when I have read it. Yesterday was a hot one — hot and smoggy, so they declared it a Spare the Air Day: don’t drive, don’t BBQ, don’t have wood fires, and try to keep energy use low. But I…

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Jun 19

June 19, 2011

the Ayatollah of plastic

Do you think I’m judging you? By the looks on people’s faces these days, they do. Since I started the Plastic Purge, just about everyone who talks to me says, “Well, it was plastic, but…” or, “You would have hated it, there was so much plastic…” and, “I know it’s plastic, but…”.  There are the more aggressive folks who kind of snarl at me, “Is that plastic? Are you drinking out of a plastic cup? Is your Bandaid plastic?” It’s…

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Nov 13

November 13, 2010

still life with yarn, harvest and sneezes

We added another hen to our flock, a cull from another flock across town. This one is also a golden-laced Wyandott but she is altogether darker than Violet; we’ve named her Dahlia (which we liked better then Waffle, her previous name). All of our “flowers” are prospering, still enjoying daily run of the backyard, grass, worms, bugs, seeds, and household leftovers. In return, a clutch of eggs for the house, and companionship. There’s nothing like a chicken looking in the…

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Aug 21

August 21, 2010

such a weirdo

This is my life. In pictures. These are the sunflowers that went wild in the garden, then squirrels went nuts (heh heh) and tore them to shreds. I rescued these beauties because they look like something right out of Van Gogh’s studio. And…they shed pollen everywhere. And are a pain in the a** to clean up. And now their vase water stinks. Here I am, simultaneously appreciating their beauty and going wah wah wah [insert whining noises here]. Oy vey….

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Feb 11

February 11, 2010

the thrill, the let-down, the need for chocolate…

I got started on a bunch of projects in the past week, after my Super-Bowl escape-hatch trip to Beverly’s. I like to read craft and sewing mags (see photo for current reading). In the current issue of Quick Stuff to Sew (a Threads publication), there’s this dishy skirt made of torn strips of wool tweeds. It is *delectable* and a green-type sewing project, since it uses these torn bits. I happen to have a lot of quilt fabrics, thanks to the generosity…

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