poppies will make them sleep

…sleep…now they’ll sleep…

Saw these poppies at Alameda Point and thought how lucky we are to live in California. Yeah, I know, lots of things about it stink, but in terms of gratitude for what we have, right here in our midst, I’m grateful to have decent weather most of the year, open space, a lively arts community, schools close enough to walk or ride bikes to, access to good food and clean water, and as much chocolate as one person can eat, pretty much whenever.

Ditto that, fair trade coffee. Ditto that, decent vino.

When we were little kids we believed that you couldn’t pick a California poppy — that it was against the law. That you would get arrested and go to prison where they only served bread and water. And sometimes spaghetti, according to our savvy neighbor, Jill Thompson.

So I looked it up just now. And here’s the deal:

“The California poppy is the state flower to California. It is not a threatened or endangered plant but it is illegal to pick California poppies from the wild; however you can buy the seeds and plant them. (Read more at http://bss.sfsu.edu/holzman/courses/Fall02%20projects/calpoppy.html)

That explains why the gardeners at Alameda Point don’t mow them down.

It’s supposed to rain tomorrow. Bring the washing off the line.

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