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My kitten Ophelia (O-fie or Fifi, dending on the moment) is snoozing and drooling on my lap. She’s a luv bug. There’s nothing in the world like a snuggle-kitten. Prrrr. (Sorry about that. It’s gushy but it’s true. She missed me. That’s what the drool means.)

After a full day in the garden (ow, sunburned and sore), I am getting ready for the new week. No school all week so the kids are at home, rotating babysitting the Boy every day. We just ate a fine fabulous Easter dinner with ham and all the trimmings, including Husband’s Spanish grandmother’s arroz con pollo with lots of saffron. Delicious. Cousin Colin joined us for the day. Frozen turtle pie (with caramel and chocolate and nuts) for dessert. No real turtles were harmed in the making or eating of said product.

But I’m hearing rumors that I’ll need to chase down for this week’s paper. Might be a challenge with no one at the district offices. No school board this week (vacation time = no quorum), but other things happening: KASE folks will be walking the precincts, PTA folks getting ready for a concert to save music in the schools, and more. Tell me what else you know and I’ll chase it down, too.
I’ll be jamming on the East Bay wineries story this week, with an extension till next Monday (thank the lord, way too much to do to get it done by tomorrow). Next weekend = bound to be busy.

And this week: ruffled feathers to smooth. Ambassadors meeting at the Chamber. Coffee with folks. Deadlines to meet. Bills to pay. Blogs to write. You know. The usual.

Happy spring. I’m so glad the sun is out again.

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