Happy T Day

Isn’t that pretty? Looks delicious. I can hardly wait to eat mine. We’re headed out to eat because we’re a bit on the overwhelmed side of the scale with the recuperation of The Man and early deadlines and such.

We’re going out to eat pretty soon, and everyone gets to choose something different, whatever he or she wants to eat. A nice compromise for everyone.

I am grateful that I don’t have to do the dishes.

I also am grateful that I have the luxury of writing like this, these blogs, this computer, this house, this life. If you don’t want a total downer (harshing your high, in other words), DO NOT read A Year with the Saints. You’ll end up feeling guilty and miserable about your turkey fetish. No, don’t read it. You’ll be sorry.

I warned you.

But no matter what, take the five minutes you can spare out of your busy lives and take note of FIVE things. Just five. What are you grateful for? Give thanks for those things. Send them to me, or comment with them. I want to know. What are you grateful for?

My list, the short one:

1. My life: husband, family, a home, a roof, clothes and food, all the good things we have and take for granted every day. (That is either all five plus some, or one big thank you).

2. Health: I am still in good health though I want to get back to walking, working out and exercising 3-5 times a week again. New Year’s resolution for 2008 = exercise more. But I have good heart, good lungs, no cancer yet, and healthy hair, teeth, nails, legs, digestion, blood, etc. All the good things. Need glasses. Get skin rashes once in a while. But otherwise, I have the clean bill I would like to keep. And Husband is recuperating nicely and not too grumpily. Kids are all well. We can’t complain.

3. My job: I love writing (and editing). I will never stop writing, while I have my wits about me. I love what I’m doing right now: the Saints book, the novel-in-progress at NaNo (though I won’t meet the word count/deadline), the memoir that the agent likes (and will be polished and sent out in 2008 and find a home); the poetry I’m writing and getting published; the career moves I’m making; the possibilities of all the stories I want to write, the tales I want to tell. The places I want to go in words. The possibility that the Word is my God. How many people hate their jobs? Not I.

4. The earth: nature: my garden. The green things around me, the creatures that share this neighborhood, and our house; growing things, watering and weeding, and watching them bear fruit. Helping to heal the planet one inch at a time.

5. Faith. Such as it is. It’s a long path till I’m at the place where I know what I know. But I’m on it. I’m going somewhere. I’m seeing with new eyes. I’m reading and growing and figuring things out. I am at that point in my life where I want to better the world. Don’t hate me because I’m trying. I’m glad to have the opportunity and the wherewithal.

Every day is a new chance. Let us rejoice and be glad, as the Psalmist says.

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