wait — one more!

ABOVE: Erik Kos, fabulous self with hot-pink do-rag (go Jets!), Carrie Beavers, Max Tubbs (go Pilots!), Mr Husband (aka Patrick Tracey), Linda Tubbs and Peter Beavers (go, Alameda!). Hometown pride in action…We’re near the Bladium and the other hangars, in front of the Seaplane Lagoon.

Here’s a shot that friend Michael Shiess, of Lucky JuJu Pinball Gallery and the Neptune Beach Amusement Museum , who was driving past, stopped and took. He also generously offered his Dumpsters for us to dump in (alas, they were already full). Thanks, Michael!

(Michael is also the guy who found the very old Jane Austen book in his house that I wrote about last January, when he returned it to the library.) (And, he’s Eric K’s landlord….six degrees of separation on a very small Island…)

Busy today — getting ready for NYC. Whee!

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