Mosquito Girl

From Mia:

dear mama,

today things are much better! i am not going to Portugal but staying in Italy. i haven’t seen nearly enough of this place and i am scared of trains now! so scared that i am starting my journey to london on sunday… flight is on tuesday morning! i just can’t risk it, ya know?

i am so excited to come home, though. especially because i found the most awesome ITALIAN gift for you today. if you hate it, i will TOTALLY take it. but methinks you won’t. i have 30++ mosquito bites (my ankles are swollen with them.. yikes.. and i even have the bindi dot mosquito bite.. right in the middle of my forehead! i guess i have been very very bad… even horrid.)

i miss everyone SO much and hopefully i will be able to check email one more time.. in florence! (i am here in rome one more day and night and leave sat. morning. HOPEFULLY! lord.) oh yes and so far i have had my hostel room all to myself… 4 beds for one girl.. my my! that never happens.

rome is so incredible.. just huge and ancient and exciting. and the shopping ain’t bad either. i am losing sleep over what to bring little austin-man. i am so worried he’ll hate everything i think he might like. ack! we’ll see what i end up with.

lots of roman love.

mosquito girl

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