More Fun with Cat Bites

The cat bite got ugly, yes, but so did the antibiotics. They killed all the good juju in my body and left a little bit of the infection still living. It will probably come back and eat me while I sleep.

Anyway, ended up with a nice case of thrush and some kind of stomach ailment which left me unable to eat much. Except probiotic soymilk and live yogurt. So that was my diet for a few days. Cured the thrush and then the other thing, and now I’m finally able to enjoy some of the forbidden foods: alcohol, yeast bread, sugar, and fermented foods (pickles, olives). All had to be avoided while the yeast battled it out with the yogurt.

It’s always something.

Daughter Mia is home to visit and has had a terrible cold. She finally went to the doctor yesterday, who prescribed her large doses of antibiotics for her sinus infection. So I immediately bought her some yogurt. Eat it, every day, and don’t end up like me.

Yo, yo, baby…

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