Earthlings, I come in peace

Happy Earth Day (but shouldn’t every day be Earth Day — like, the first day of the rest of your life?) (answer
I was just noticing how, as the weather improves, I’m changing my laundry pattern. I was doing wash and dry (in dryer) at any old time. Now I’m doing a couple of loads at night, put them (damp) into a basket, and then hanging in the a.m. The daughters take it down and fold later, and put up another load.

I really like hanging out the clothes in the morning before work — and if they are still there after work, that’s fine, too. I find it less odious to fold hung laundry than tumbled-dry laundry. No static, for one thing, and nothing is twisted into knots. Plus the Kleenex syndrome (where the tissue goes through the dryer and onto everything) doesn’t ever occur in the fresh air. Same with the Chapstick syndrome (or crayon syndrome). I don’t usually find money in the grass, though, and the dryer was getting to be a lucrative appliance for the Save $10K challenge.

So far no peppers, no loofahs; no lettuce has come up. But tomatoes, squashes and cukes, yes. Morning tea in the backyard gives me time to mist the seedlings and fill the cats’ water bowl before I hit the trail for work. As the weather improves, I’m planning to ride my bike to work again. Today — Earth Day — is a good day to declare that I plan to make a smaller impact on the earth in the coming year.

This coming weekend (she gazes fondly toward Friday, some halcyon vacationland…) is my last weekend to Use it or Lose it (the UIOLI challenge for April, where broken stuff gets fixed or discarded) — and I’m planning to lose a lot. Flea market on Saturday is a major disposal of lots of usable stuff that I will sell for cheap-o-la. While I’m sitting there, I’ll work on my denim skirt (nee jeans avec beaucoup holes) and see if I can’t finish the challenge on a high note.

Daughter #2 is planning to bake brownies and cookies to sell — she gets all that profit, if she does the work and sits with me. I was thinking about bringing some jars of sun tea to sell by the cup. I’d have to buy a bag of ice and some cups, but the tea can be made in the sun while we’re sitting there.

I have been potting up extra pots of succulents, mint and geraniums to sell — these cost me nothing, from the garden. I was also thinking of cutting bunches of fresh lavender and rosemary to sell. Always thinkin.

Ka-ching. That’s what’s on my mind today.

Peace out, Earthlings.


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  1. JULIA! You’re growing LUFFA? Me too! I’m in Richmond VA- I found you via Angela Barton. My mom sent me a package of luffa seeds ( i love luffa sponges..) to grow in my garden. I was astounded as I had NEVER seen luffa seeds before. I’m delighted to find someone else growing them.
    anything in particular i should look for in the way of disease or placement of my seedlings?
    Advice would rock!
    Your site is wonderful. I have adopted the same summer laundry policy you have- though i don’t have a line. I hang things on the deck to dry.
    So enjoyed the read!

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