A mathematical date today. A pity I missed 080808, but O-well.

Juggling balls and spinning plates. Tried to have a sick headache last night but was interrupted by life, kids, hunger and a cross-Island junket to pick up a teen and save her from a dark bus ride. But at least I had a chance to catch up with Mom on the phone.

Continuing my quest to be further-Compacty, I found my two fountain pens and got some artist’s ink. I was able to refill both cartridges, one with green ink and one with purple ink, and will be using these at work instead of my colored ballpoint pens. At least, I will try to make the switch. I just realized I was writing with a black ball point to take a message, and that my pens are in my purse.My fountain pens are old friends but I haven’t used them much. One is a no-name brand — something from an art store a decade ago, and the other is a very nice Waterman pen from Mia.

Mr Husband has given me a few quill pens, including one with an amazingly beautiful silver pen holder, filigreed, holding a feather, with a really nice nib. But that requires dipping into ink, while the fountain pens do not need dipping, as they have cartridge. I figure this will get me away from plastic disposable ball points.

* * *
And…it took me too long to finish the post so here’s what Friday morning was like…Guess what we had for breakfast?

We have the double-toaster, extra-wide for bagels. Yesterday I tried to toast some waffles and the left side wouldn’t go down/turn on. This morning I tried it again with a bagel for D#3. Left side didn’t work. Moved it to the right side and it was fine. Followed suit with my own bagel.

Daughter #2 came home from school to make cookies and said the kitchen smelled raunchy. She snooped around a little and found…in the toaster…our mouse friend from the dishtowel drawer.

Yep. Toasted mouse on the left side. No wonder the cats have been on the counter all week.

Say it with me…eeeeeeeeeewwwwww!!!!

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