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What have I done for you lately? Not much. I’ve found that I’m on full-whelm, which is a shade below overwhelm. And doing fine here, thank you. I didn’t know I could juggle this well. Or at all. Clearly, I am learning.

What I did this week:

1. Didn’t receive hate mail from anyone. Did buy 1-cent stamps. Did send very small check to favorite political candidate. His name starts with an O and rhymes with Mama.

2. Made several school lunches that did not get eaten. Took one of those with me to work when daughter forgot/rejected it, only to have to give it to her at school because she had no money and really wanted lunch. Ate company-bought pizza instead of delicious homemade sandwich.

3. Ate leftover spaghetti Monday night when I got home from my women’s group. Made jambalaya in the Crock pot on Tuesday for when I was covering school board. Yum. Made a baked potato feast Wednesday night, when I was teaching a class on writing in the first person. No leftovers. Homemade chili from the freezer was Thursday’s meal, but we all went to yoga together and then came home and died on the couch afterward. Still dead now.

4. My tomato plants keep producing; last weekend I made a boatload of pasta sauce for the freezer (using my Seal-a-meal that doesn’t work = in other words, I ironed the tops of the bags shut.) This weekend: more tomato sauce (Gil Michael’s Nonna’s recipe = yum)

5. Had a massage to work out some of the knots and kinks from my fabulous sciatica. I love to talk about my sciatica. And my failing vision. And my blood sugar. And my aching feet. And my gums. How about some ringworm, anyone? Maybe some eczema for dessert? My whole body hurts from the not-so-tender ministrations of my favorite masseuse.

6. Mia bought her plane ticket home and will be arriving Dec. 20, for anyone who wants to see her. She is cuter than ever. Really.

7. NaNoWriMo begins Nov. 1. I may get back to work on my newest novel or the Year with the Saints pilgrimage project. Maybe. Maybe. Maybe.

8. Got the idea for this year’s holiday gift baskets. Have begun gathering the items in earnest. Fun stuff! Also began my holiday gift bartering and finding. I hope you all like antiques and vintage. That’s what you’re getting this year — that, or homemade. All of which is better for Planet Earth and my wallet than some crappy gift basket from Pepperidge Farms or whatever that sausage place is in the mall. Or a Precious Moments statuette assuring you that I wub you. (I do wub you, though.)

9. Halloween: No child this year means no outings, no dress-up. I’m giving away homemade treats, and if the neighbors don’t like them, they can say no thank you. Hope you kids like peanut butter cookies. Peanut allergy? How about some raisins?

10. Pumpkins: Success in the garden means 4 lovely large punkins for pies and breads and more. Success with corn means we can decorate with some dried cornstalks. Couple of gourds, too. It was indeed a successful harvest.

I could go on but you need your beauty rest. A couple of cucumber slices on your eyes will help with that puffiness. Take two naps and call me tomorrow.

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