Wind Tunnels…

A quick post from the road — may not have time for spell-check so forgive the typos: 30 minutes of Internet = $5. We’re waiting for Mia to finish classes so we can wander the Island some more.

Our exodus from Jersey was more eventful than planned: got to Philly and onto the bus in the nick of time again (thanks, Amanda!). Jumped aboard, took seats, and took off. Within a few minutes the exhaust-smoke smell was overwhelming. Guys behind me commenting about it, guy in front of me asking do i smell gasoline? I figured it was a cheap old but, we’d have to choke it out. But 10minutes into the ride, just over the bridge back into Jersey, we pull over and driver checks the radiator. Then adds water. Then we drive on. Five mites later we pull over again. He calls the office. We start up and drive off the highway into an abandoned lot. OK, we think. So this is where he kills us…

But it was the bus that died. However, our driver didn’t speak much English — no announcements, no info, no nothing. He just keeps talking on his cell phone. Young man in front of me follows the driver off the bus and asks about when is the next bus coming (these are charter, he meant a bus to replace this one). Gets back on and comes, counts heads on the bus and whispers to me, hey, there’s another bus coming and it has only 22 seats. So I don’t know about you but I’m gonna wait outside. And off he goes. I quietly gather my things and hiss, “Mia, Ana, let’s go.” Silently mouthing the words: Get off the bus. Come on. Get off the bus. They think I’m crazy or the bus is on fire. The grab their things and we “casually” get off the bus and get outside into FREEZING temps and wind. Just about a handful followed us. Everyone else inside the warm bus, thinking, idiots out in the wind…a few minutes the new bus pulls up, almost full, and we jam on board and get seats. The rest of the other bus is scrambling to get off their dead bus and we are on our way. Score! I ended up sitting with our new informant-friend and chatting about NY and Jersey and life in general. Nice young man with big plans.

Made it back to NY about an hour and a half later than expected. We were all hungry by then and jumped a train to the Village and got dinner at a lovely French bistro. Ana had escargot for the first time. You’re not a real woman till you eat a snail, I always say. Well, I said it now. I mean, once.

We didn’t know we’d get a show with dinner, but the next table over, an older gentleman was breaking up with his mistress of seven hears and she was crying and slapping herself in the face and later, trying to slap him, clawing at him, spilling her wine, etc. He was awful, saying things like “Do you really think I’d leave her for you?” and “Get a hold of yourself.” “You’ve pissed in my mouth for seven years and I’m still gargling.” That was lovely. We were two feet away — I kept waiting to get punched. Trying not to laugh — or cry — such a terrible scene. The waiters were hovering in efforts to witness the scene. Finally they left. Really pathos-ridden — such drama.

Mia and Ana learned something about the human condition, I must say.

We are next door to Mia’s school and about to meet her — have some lunch. Still waiting to hear from the agent, who did not email and no one was at the office when I called them this morning. So I’m gonna guess that there’s no agent mtg, which is par for the course and no big shocker, but it’s not too late yet, so we’ll see.

Um. What else? Ana and I just walked through Central Park and saw the John Lennon memorial and Literary Walk, then have been walking up Fifth Ave. Went through Tiffany and Saks (do you know they don’t sell socks at Saks? That seems like a crime.) Saw Trump Tower and the like. It is so steeped in money and commerce and shameless consumerism and the needless exhibition of designer names. I’m feeling a bit cranky about it. Probably because my feet are cold — hence the need for socks, which Saks doesn’t have. Grrr.

Mia is calling, we must fly. Hope to post again in the next day or so. Love from the Big Apple…

(PS sorry about that naughty typo above — fixed it )

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