Catching Up (Again)

More from Mia:

sooo… the last couple days have been interesting, to say the least.

i could not stand the smell of the sheets that amanda gave me (kinda the old woman smell) and so i’ve been hovering under my free virgin atlantic blankie that i swiped from the airplane and sleeping in jackets. but linds and i heard of this AASDA… which is the worst shithole of a kmart that i have ever been in. we had to take the tube to the end (it doesn’t even go that far!) we were on the “other side of the thames” which was.. not fun. 2 more buses and finally we were there. the only thing good for it, was i got a whole bedding set for about £15. but linds and i were in the worst moods and then we had to traipse it ALL the way back in the dark. scary… like worst parts of oakland with british accents. yikes.

i already need to shop again! but i’ve been eating toast with jam, tea and fruit every morning. i bought some muesli (sp?) but no milk so i haven’t had it yet. can’t find soy anywhere so it must be skim from now on. last night i made tomato soup (from a can) and bread and grapes. it had some basil worked in but still very bland. but i added some salt and it worked fine. i don’t have anything to really COOK with so i have to go back to sainsbury’s. also: no microwave here so there goes frozen dinners. but yesterday, linds and i ate at a delightful little pub. we got mushroom burgers and chips for like £3. so so good. and it was very cute and warm. lots of businessmen eating by themselves.

we also stopped at the market down the road from us late last night and got beer and cider and british candy and sat in front of the telly, “pissed” and laughing at the wierd shows. fun fun. it was weird to buy whatever we wanted, no questions. all the signs say “don’t be offended if you look under 21” like at home, they say under 30! the hardest time i have is using my american debit card, not buying booze! (on the back my card says “please see ID” and they all just stare at it! they don’t know what to do. they are supposed to check it against the receipt i just signed.. but they can’t. interesting moments.)

today we are at BUNAC [student center], trying to get our CVs done. i was hoping to venture the city and try to turn a bunch in. however, there is a tube stike for at least the next 24 hours. puts a bit of a pinch in the schedule. i’ll see what i can do anyway. we might go see a show tonight too. that would be fun.

yesterday morning, i found my way to the Tate Britain all by myself. only made one wrong turn but figured it out. it was nice, i felt like, yay! i can still get some touring in before i really get sucked into the london lifestyle. they had a degas exhibit but it was like £12 to get in. i can’t afford that .. yet! that was disappointing. but i saw some nice work anyway. hoping that maybe i can go to a museum every sunday or something so i get to see them all.

i can’t wait till you get here, mum!! i miss you so much already. i’m mad i missed your call. the stupid phones we bought are simply that.. stupid! oh well. there are people waiting to use to computer so i better get back on that job search. love you dearly. hope we talk soon.

And More from Me…

It looks like from my entries that all I do is wait for Mia to write to me, but not so. I’ve been busy, running around with publicity tasks to do for a client, meeting with others, making plans. Busy days, always. And tomorrow — jury duty! Woo hoo! So I may not be able to post for a bit, even the Mia-missives, because of that. But we’ll see. Maybe they’ll find out about my secret past as an axe murderer and CIA agent or something. Maybe just being editor of a local newspaper will dissuade them. It sounds like I don’t want to do my duty — I do, but just not now. That sounds like, who was it, St. Francis? “Lord, make me a righteous man — but not yet.” Amen to that.

In other news, um, still reading good books (some to myself, some aloud to kids) and keeping warm and trying to find hidey holes for all Mia’s left-behind stuff. My but that girl has a lot of stuff.

Gotta jump, kiddos, see ya later.

Advice to Aspiring Writers: Try the epistolary form once in a while. It’s an intriguing way to impart information.

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