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Lots going on, just not much time to blog it. Roamed the city yesterday, up and down Fifth Ave, and bought a wedding dress (woo hoo!) for me. Gorgeous champagne satin, kind of mermaid-like shape, front flare and ruffle, very fitted and sleeveless, just perfect. And reasonaby priced, which means the shoes can break the bank…Next: Mia’s dress — my maid-of-honor. And chatted with the agent, my lovely, with whom I’ve had e-mail-voicemail-missed connections. Instead of a mtg late yesterday, we’re on for lunch tomorrow. It will be raining and/or snowing so I may not look as gorgeous as I’d like (ha) but it’s my mind they’re after. (Keep telling self that…) Anyway, that’s a good sign. Won’t know more till after then.

Today: Ana and I walked around the Met and are heading to afternoon tea with Mia at a place called Alice’s along Columbus Ave. Her store, Only Hearts, is also along thataway, so we’ll get to visit her place of employment. Thrift-vintage stores, too — Ana will be happy. I think she is kind of shocked at how much walking we’re doing. Usually on weekends at her dad’s, or visits to Grandma’s, or even the few times we’ve traveled, she has gone to one place and stayed there, maybe hit a mall or the movies, but all this walking and subways, cabs, etc? Not so much. She keeps saying how tired she is. Surprise! Travel can wear on you. True revelations: It’s wearing on me, too…

Last night we watched about six episodes of Sex and the City while Mia studied. It was funny — sort of sign and signifier in one big bite. We ate the “good bagels” the other day, and also had Tasty-D-Lite, both featured on various episoddes of SITC. Apparently the ladies also shopped at Mia’s store. I’ve never counted myself a fan — when do I ever have time for TV? But I must say, I’ve been enjoying watching it the past few nights.

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