Wedded Bliss


Wanna see wedding pix? Check these out — taken by Su-Tsen Wu, former coworker and good friend of Patrick’s. More to come — but these are a good selection.
And also this:

The Sun Shines in Alameda

You can’t beat that for “only in Alameda”…
As you can see, the sun did shine, we had everything we could possibly want — hundreds of friends and relations, great music, a bounce house, cupcakes and delicious food from local purveyors. The flowers were especially gorgeous, thanks to Kiyoko Cohen of Serene Seeds Designs in Alameda. I could go on but will save it for later. At present, I am faced with a tornado of a kitchen to attend to, mountains of recycling to process, and a bit of cleanup after the raccoons found the leftovers in the trash while we were gone on our wee honeymoon to toasty-warm Chico. And thank-you notes galore to write!!! But it was lovely, and thanks to all who were here, and for all the help and good wishes. Fun! Love! Happiness! Ever after…!

And now, back to our regularly scheduled program.

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