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September 9, 2007|Posted in: Uncategorized

Been getting some good ones lately — lots of people loving the Backyard Bliss column as well as the monthly Muse column in the Sun. However, not everyone is thrilled to read about me, for which I can only say, thanks for sharing:

“Julia, please stop writing about yourself; no one cares…It’s bad enough you’re monopolizing all the local papers and even The Monthly. Every article lately from you is practically all “I, Me, My Family.”

Heartwarming, huh?

Mmmm. And yet. That’s what we writers do, so unfortunately, that’s what we’re gonna have more of. No one’s holding a gun to your head and saying “Read or die.” So stop reading it, if you don’t like it. Take a fat chill pill and turn the page, or hit “escape.” Bub-bye.

And anyway. Get ready for some more. I’m heading back to the Island of Alameda for a little more Me Me Me. I’m back at the Sun 2 days a week now and planning to work on more local stuff there. The Monthly is in tandem as of now — two jobs for the price of one…make that three jobs. I’m also at The Music Scene and freelancing. Possibly to pick up some extra shifts at Books Inc. as well. The holidays approach and those gifts don’t buy themselves.

Also on the agenda is Alameda Literati, coming up Nov. 3. I’m in contact with writers and editors, setting up the panels. Also planning to have the youth writing contest and all the rest of the good stuff. A bit hectic here in the next 2 months. Stand back or you might get sizzled.

Other than that, I’m working my way down a huge thank-you list (please be patient, generous friends — there are many to write) and still cleaning up after the festivities, vacation and more.

Garden, cooking, kids and more. You know. The usual.

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    September 12, 2007

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    Steinbeck said it best: “Unless a reviewer has the courage to give you unqualified praise, I say ignore the bastard.”

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