Monday Check-in

I’ve been loath to post lately, because I’ve been on display — as announcement of the Best Indy Blogger award spreads, more visitors than ever are showing up here, and I am afraid to eat, lest I get spinach in my teeth. Metaphorically speaking, if course.

But here we are, friends and fiends, a scant five days before The Big Day, and I feel the need to say “Aaaaaaaaagh!”

I mean, “My, what an exciting week I have ahead of me.”

Big Day = the blessed union of self and Mr Wonderful this coming Saturday, and why, oh, why is it miserably cloudy and frigid and drizzly? Don’t the weather gods know that I have 200 people coming to hang out in my backyard for three hours? Note to guests: please bring blankets. And possibly umbrellas. (Actually, in case of rain, friend Pastor Jack has offered up his church and gym, and I doubt we’ll need it, for proper rain — but this miserably foggy wind….ack! Dress appropriately…)

And I suddenly find myself without enough serving trays or cheese knives and if it’s windy the napkins will blow everywhere and about a hundred other things like that are skittering across the screen of my mind, where there should be calm, placid lists of groceries to buy or grammatical errors to fix or laundry to fold or other such ordinary concerns. Ack.

I could go on but it’s boring, even to me, to hear about people’s nerves and how it goes, day by day, toward the actual Wedding Date.

I’m taking deep breaths, drinking lots of water and thinking happy thoughts. All will be well. But friends, please — pray for sun.

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  1. Love and hugs, dahlink! All will be FAAAAbulous, I know… I can’t wait to see adorable you again, and to meet Mr. Wonderful in the flesh!

    Fog sounds delicious… it’s 102 here with horrendous humidity.

    xoxo and much anticipation! K

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