Lady Godiva, and fruit

I was at Costco Sunday and looked at the fruit trees — apricots, almonds or Chinese pears (pear-apples, yum), but I would have liked an apple, orange or even a kiwi bush. I didn’t buy any of them.

I have a lemon tree from my birthday to plant, when it stops raining for a few days, and Mr Husband has his Valentine’s Day lime tree. We’re all set for Arbor Week (Cali celebrates Arbor Week next week, but Arbor Day at the end of April. Go figure.)
I saw tomato plants at Long’s today while on my lunch break, for $2.99; it made me feel that spring adrenaline rush that makes me want to plant things. But I didn’t buy it. I’m going to try to sprout from seeds this year — I already have the tomato seeds. I might try the car-greenhouse method (where you leave the plants in the back of the car as a mobile greenhouse, because it gets to warm inside even when it is chilly without).
A penny saved…
I found 6 cents while out and about at lunch (ka-ching!) — and parked at a meter with 19 minutes, so technically I think I saved a quarter for parking. A dime will only get you 6 minutes. And a nickel gets you 1 or 2 minutes. Remember when we could use pennies in the meters?
I rolled a bunch more coins today — the ones that I found while procrastinating writing my article the other day — and am heading to the bank in a little while with $11.50 in rolled coins. I have about $6 in quarters but they want full rolls, so I will have to scrape together a few more before I can deposit that. On my way to the library and other errands, I’ll be picking up a cat collar from Freecycle folks for the errant Delilah, who has been naked for about two weeks now.
She doesn’t mind — after all, consider her name. We may as well have named her Bathsheba. Or Godiva.
Fat Norma Jean is wanting to jump on my lap right now. And skittish – or possibly stuck-up — Ophelia is nowhere to be found. Naked Delilah, though, will soon be clothed.

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