POETRY. Deal with it.

Here are photos from last night’s launch and reading of Amaryllis: Collected Poems. HOO-HA!

Some of the feral teens read their poetry in slam-fashion as the opening act. Vinnie (top) and Ian (below).

Sarah (in purple top)
Mr. Husband was MC for the evening. He ad-libbed a totally fictional bio for me that included my stint in the French Foreign Legion, my career as a professional break dancer in the ’80s and one of the original Fly Girls, and how I learned about poetry when I was in prison. According to the bio, I have never married and have no children.
Of course, Mr. Husband slept on the couch last night.

Just kidding. Look at me laughing at his antics. Simone (Daughter #2) sold books for me. She rocks!

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