in praise of June

I love June. School is out, the sun is out, everyone is happy…no, I’m kind of lying.

California in June — Northern Cali, the East Bay in particular — means FOG, overcast, bare patches of sun once in a while, and a cool wind. Not your typical bathing suit weather. My veggies won’t grow — too chilly. Not enough sunshine to make the tomatoes and squash grow wildly, as they should. It will happen by July, I’m sure — but for now, everything in the garden, except the weeds, seem stunted and sickly.

But school is out — temporarily. Out of 4 kids at home, three are going to summer school. They are not amused.

So is everyone happy? I guess that was a lie, too — I would prefer more sun, and that the kids could enjoy summer without studying, but that’s the breaks, chaps.

So, aside from my lies, June is wonderful and we’re all happy as little lamb chops. But really? Always grateful. Always glad to be here on the planet. Always happy to have my family around me. No real complaints. A few bleats now and again, but nothing worth griping over for long. Life is good. And so are lamb chops.

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