It’s toot-toot-Tuesday, don’t cry!

June 9, 2009|Posted in: family, kids, summer, Sun stuff

Tuesday is deadline day at the Sun, so if there’s a day to cry, it would be today. At one of the last places where I was an editor, a magazine, on the first day I bet my fellow editor lunch over which of us would be the first to cry. And I lost! It was I who cried first! I was shocked. But the stress of the day can break you sometimes.

That’s why it’s good to go into D-Day in fighting shape: don’t have too much, or any, writing to do that day. Don’t try to plan lunch or meetings. Just rub your hands together, eat a good breakfast, and jam, baby, jam. It’s worked for me so far.

I’m glad school is ending for summer. That means the beginning of summer interns for me — which means a lot more features and assignments to give. I’ve got three interns starting in a week and look forward to their arrival.

I wish the weather would warm. It doesn’t feel like summer. I know we have June gloom — I was remembering swimming lessons when I was a wee girl, in Terra Linda, in the TL pool, and how gray and overcast it was on those mornings, and how cold the pool, or getting in and out, was. My mom used to buy us some kind of Planter’s Peanut toffee bars — can’t remember their names, but they were packed with nuts and energy, and it was a novel treat to be given a candy bar after swimming.

It was the same when the girlies were small — swimming lessons seemed to begin in chill weather, but by the time we got home, the sun came out and they could go and play. But getting the kids into the pool for a 9 a.m. lesson in foggy weather — not easy. I think I bribed them with candy bars, too, come to think of it.

Chlorine eyes. Tan lines. The blue of the water. A whiff of bleach still takes me there.

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    June 9, 2009

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    I know exactly what you mean! The candy for me afterwards was Jolly Ranchers Fire Stix and Watermelon Stix.

    And there is nothing like the smell of pool water and hot sun mixed. Throw in some Tahitian Treat to drink and blare some oldies over the loud speakers and I am back in the 70’s!

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