Barack is da bomb. How cool is he? Super cool.

I couldn’t be happier. I’m sure not everyone feels this way. But as for me and my house, we will celebrate.

I ate one of the persimmon muffins for breakfast. What did it taste like? Pumpkin, sort of. A fruity spice cake. It was good. It was fine. Yum.

I’ve been bringing my lunch almost every day since the star of the new year. I was doing that before, but not on days we have trade-lunches at work. We used to have a trade for Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. We still have Tuesday and Thursday but I’m not eating the Thursday lunch which is pizza. I’m not even that thrilled with the Tuesday lunch which is a deli whose staff have surly attitudes. They always forget part of someone’s meal, and are snotty about it when we try to double-check. But I digress. My point is that I’m enjoying leftovers, eating more veggies, eating a healthful meal with no food waste, am able to take home the peels and cores for the compost, use my own cloth napkin, silverware, etc. One trouble spot: my lunch bag is wearing out. These vinyl affairs are just not made to last. One of these days I’m going to make some new reusable lunchbags. I have some cute fabric that would make for fun lunches. Just have to put it into the queue.

It’s raining today. Praise Jah — we need the rain. I don’t want to walk or drive in it (have to drive to Livermore tomorrow) but we need it so I can just deal. *It’s not about me.*

Life is good. Busy, overwhelming, stressful, but good. I’m finishing up my poetry manuscript for publication later this year — end of Feb or begining of March, I hope. That means PR, a release party, a couple of signings and readings, and I hope some returns. I’m ordering more copies of the novel to have available for sale at the events. Call that another dream come true — I’ve been waiting and pushing to publish poetry for 20+ years.

Can’t wait to see it — Amaryllis: Collected Poems is coming soon.

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  1. Julia,

    I’ve never commented on your blogs before, but I enjoy them and often wonder how you accomplish all you do in a day. I, too, am committed to being as green as possible in daily life. My kids don’t necessarily subscribe to the same standards as I do, but my husband (I think you know David) is even more passionate than I am about being green.

    I have a bit of a suggestion for you for lunches: my daughter, now 12, has been using one lunch box every school day and quite a bit during summer vacations for four years! The label on it says “ACCESS Sport” and I think I purchased it at Pagano’s. My son, in contrast, uses small brown paper bags for his lunches and manages to mangle at least two a week. I still consider it green, however, because we receive the bags from our CSA with produce and this is a good way of getting some use from them. Not only that, but they are compostable, as you are probably aware.

    Anyway, blessings on your endeavors!


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