Bionic Boots-a-Go-Go

We’ve been repairing our items rather than just throwing them away for a while now, keeping them out of the waste stream and extending their still-useful life. Witnesseth:

The Bionic Bird Feeder: Raccoons tore it down and stomped on it, so we repaired it with duct tape and a wire coat hanger to hang it up again.

The Bionic Sun Tea Jar: Repaired with epoxy where it was cracked and leaked on the counter. Had a nice white and grimy streak around it where the dirty finger rubbed the epoxy. Not *my* dirty finger.

The Bionic Slippers: My lovely black bedroom slippers with (formerly) white faux fur inside, and black rubber sole — now duct-taped together because they are still comfy and usable, even though they are worn through. Duct tape is so sexy. Ask Mr. Husband.

The bird feeder will hold up a while longer. The epoxy just recently gave way and we recycled the sun tea jar (but replaced with a new one off Freecycle). The slippers will one day be replaced by a pair I plan to crochet with pretty thick yarn; then the Bionic Slippers will become a gift to my parents’ dog, Blazer. Yum, yum, Blazer.

One more item about to become bionic is my pair of vintage cowboy boots that I *love* to wear. I’ve worn them everywhere, all over Europe and Cali and they rock. Except Daughter #2 wore them for ONE DAY and ripped the side from the sole. I’ve been trying to repair them with duct tape inside the boot for about 2 years. I don’t know what else to do for them — can a shoe repair person fix a slit in the leather where the upper joins the sole?

Duct tape is cheap but does not last forever. Not like love, I mean.

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  1. It’s worth taking your beloved boots to the shoe repair and see what they can do. Some of them are wizards. I recently parted with a pair of go-go boots that I had “remade” about four times before they just didn’t have any “go” left in them. When I love a pair of boots, I make them last for years.

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