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Seems like all my posts have become a bulletin board for my to-do lists [YAWN], so how about something more interesting? [tap dancing across the desktop]

Yeah, it’s my birthday month — my favorite month of the year, except for hot summer and Christmas. But February — woo hoo, my fave.

Valentine’s Day, Austin’s birthday, violets are blooming, plum trees are trying to bloom their gorgeous magenta blossoms, then it’s an anniversary with Mr Husband from one of our earliest dates (our walk on the beach), and of our first romantic date, and when we got engaged, and also…yes. My birthday. And Mia’s birthday. And my sister-in-law Amanda’s birthday. Heck, it’s also Black History Month, Lincoln’s bicentennial and Washington’s birthday.

This year I’ve been ripped off from my usual three-day birthday weekend, since Presidents’ Day is earlier. Bummer. Oh well, I’ll just make it a longer birthday week.

Plans for birthday? A romantic dinner. I think the kids are cooking my birthday meal (ack, as long as I don’t have to clean up after them). I asked Patrick to make me a CD compilation. And I might ask for dirt. Yes, dirt for my garden. A truckload. Or a pallet of dirtbags. The dirt gets so compressed over the year that it needs some fluffing up. Raised beds have that problem. I’m hoping to expand the vegetables a bit this year so new dirt is in order.

A dirty birthday present, that’s what I want.

And maybe a (used/borrowed) copy of The Omnivore’s Dilemma. That would be nice to read. Anyone have a spare? I’ll give it back.

Looks like rain. That’s good news for the state. Shed a little water on us all, Lord. Verily, amen.

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