Beautiful Berlin

Miss Mia Makes It…

i am in berlin, mom! i made it!

I arrived just as the sun was setting this absolute piercing red and it was a gorgeous night and i really couldn’t bear to get in a taxi so i sorted out the S-bahn train and it was super easy, super cheap.

My hostel was not a 10-min walk away (though it was down a bit of a dark, scary street. I just kept my head down and walked fast! sorta hard to fit in when you are toting a huge pack!) (Mommy’s note: eeeek!) But it was fine, I got checked in and met a nice guy in my room from the UK (we have mixed dorms). (Mommy’s note: eeeek!) About 3 a.m. a gaggle of drunken English girls burst in and made a racket going to bed. (Listen to me, how old am i?!) Then this morning we were awakened by drilling or some construction work outside our window. Oh well, it got me up and going. I only have two full days here, after all.

At breakfast I met another California girl…who now lives in nyc, attending an acting conservatory! and she was traveling solo as well but has been here about a week. so we made plans to meet up for dinner later and then i am off!

I have seen a bit of the Berlin Wall (which, btw, looks like any other wall) and now am off to the Jewish Museum, Brandenburg Gate, etc. Tomorrow i might do the concentration camp thing but will see if i feel like depressing myself that much. Sorry this is short but I don’t want to spend my whole day in here. Just wanted to let you know that I am safe, happy and the weather is wonderful here. i am coming home with a tan, mama!

love to everyone, and i’ll write again when i can.


p.s. I loved that article (NB: see below for link). too bad i sound so heinous!

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Thema: mia mia where are yooooo?

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