Czech It Out

Mia sez…

OK — the short version of the story is:

It took me FOREVER to get to Prague from Berlin and since i didn’t have a hostel, i toted around my massive bag for hours trying to find one. finally one girl at a hostel called around for me and got me one (on the other side of town) so i sorted out the trams and then the metro and then walked back and forth looking for #7 building. it went from 6 to 8a. then 1/2 a block later came 7.. what?! but finally i got there, really nice hostel and collapsed in my room.

there were three dutch guys who invited me out to dinner with them so i went and it was really fun. they speak english but it’s really funny because sometimes one would try to explain something to me and we’d all be sitting there trying to figure out what he was saying. finally, he’d turn to his friends and explain it in rapid, frustrated dutch and they’d all go “OHHHH!” and then all turn to me and try to help explain the original story. kept me in fits all night. we enjoyed a couple beers in the garden back at the hostel and then they were ready for a late night out and i was ready for bed! but this morning i met the other 2 girls in the room, scots again! and we’re meeting up for dinner later tonight.

so the original plan was that i was supposed to go to vienna today and i just couldn’t bear another “short” stop. also i had hardly seen any of prague! so i just decided to ditch that part of the plan. it sucks but i can get a train right to budapest from here tomorrow morning and i got another night in the hostel. looks like vienna is one the itinerary for the next huge trip around europe. (whenever that’ll be) but anyway. i’m enjoying prague. the euro is pretty strong here but it’s scary when you get a bill and it says “3852 crowns” and i’m like, ahh! i had a coffee and a sandwich! but when i realize it’s 5 euro or something, it’s alright. the buildings are really beautiful here. i’ve basically just been walking around. there’s enough to look at without even going inside places.

i’m off to see the John Lennon wall and the prague castle. maybe i’ll sit myself down and have some lunch in a bit. otherwise, i miss you and everyone. i’m totally zonked already from lugging this bag around and i have 2 more weeks to go. i think i’ll definitely be ready to come home and crash.

write again when i can.

p.s. i am sitting here in this random czech internet cafe and they are playing some song that keeps saying,

“MICHAELA, ayyyy MICHAELA!” it’s hilarious.

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