Back in Saddle

Har. No saddle to be seen. Just me…and my shiny new DRAFT of my book!!!

Yes, it is so. What did I say? That I had to kill off most of the rest, except for Internet research? HA! I killed it all, plus did Internet research tonight, so I can finish the rest this week, or next, in between moving. (Realistically I won’t finish anything, except a big bowl of ice cream, but I have it all at hand now, so it’s possible.)

We are back from mega-super-vacation in the high hills of Gold Country, where I typed night and day on the deck of this gorgeous house (Thank you, De Melo family, thank you!). See me typing, there? I am fake-typing, actually, because I realized I did not have verifiable proof of my actual writing, so you can see I’m not typing by the image on the screen. But that’s where I sat for 10 days — love that view! I could park myself at that table for six months and still not be tired of the trees.

Here’s one more shot of me writing: don’t I look grumpy? (Hint: Need more coffee. And will you stop bothering me? I’m writing!)

Plus, I’m tan. Isn’t that cool? (Note: Will probably get skin cancer and die. But not this week, when I am tan!!!)

We stayed up into the wee hours every night but one or two, enjoyed beverages du jour, s’mores, fresh air, brilliant stars and black skies, nailing heat at lakeside and poolside, cool tunes courtesy of Mr. Unhusband Mine, shish kebabs, squirrels, deer and fawns, bats, giant ants, ice cream, naps, a little sunburn and a few mosquito bites, cicadas, cold beer after a day at the lake, hot coffee on the deck first thing in the morning, eggs-in-a-frame, three levels of bedrooms/living area, houseguests deluxe (Stuart, Annie and Stanley, yay!), plus the bonus of Mia the Lovely, my eldest daughter, who drove into the night after two full shifts, just to see us.

I can’t think of a thing we didn’t do or enjoy; it was utterly perfect, and perfectly conducive to the writing of my book, which I did, and am now prepping to send to readers.

Readers: Get ready.

By the way, did I mention that there was no cell phone reception where we were? No Internet, either. Ahhhhh.

Note to Aspiring Writers: Take a break. It’ll do you good.

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