admit it — you missed me

Hi, peoples, finally got through my 971 backed-up e-mails to catch up. I’ve been inundated with way too much excitement, such as going to court and therapy and the chiropractor, mourning the loss of two long-time friends, fending off the crazies, juggling Thanksgiving around three separate families and yes, getting ready for the holidays…

…plus getting a new print vendor for the newspaper, and having extra full-color sections to fill for the holidays in less time than usual…

…plus Mr. Husband said something dumb to me the other day so I chased him because it could not go unpunished, and tripped over the doorstep, landing with a gorgeous roll on the front patio, and having to be carried in by a contrite Mr. Husband. But I stuck the landing (it was a 10.0), and my left arm, him and foot (especially the big toe) were a *gorgeous* shade of blackish-purplish-green…fading to yellow. Very festive for the holidays. That’s me.

But we’ve been busy and Compacty (ie thrifty, ecologically smart, healthy and homemade). In a very general sense, all is well. In most all senses, actually. We have gone 75% vegetarian, almost entirely home-cooked, locally grown meals. My veggie garden (a winter garden, never before attempted!) is growing slowly but well. We have more arugula than I know what to do with. We’ve been enjoying our home-canned tomato sauce and jam and peaches and pickles lately, and finally got to try the “Beanie Martinis” (from the pickled oversized green beans in the summer garden). They are delicious, and I have to hide the jars from the teenaged locusts who share my home.

We’re also doing really well with the Waste No Food Challenge (ongoing), and I’ve been able to rescue bits and pieces of various meals to make even more intriguing food. For example, since we’ve also been inundated with sweet potatoes in our CSA box, well, we all had sweet potato pie for the first time — and some of us actually liked it.

The family is on board for a homey-crafty Christmas, with a few exceptions for The Boy (he’s 10); the kids earned all their own spending money, and we’re also using up some barter bucks from trading in books and selling my vintage aprons at the vintage store. We are participating in a holiday service program called Project ELF (Everyone Loves Families) through my women’s group (Family of Women), and have adopted a local family; we’ll be providing their holiday groceries, tree and gifts. Since all the teens will be helping, they are all excited and really seeing what “making a difference” means.

I successfully taught two classes on sustainability at the adult school in late November and have made several new local friends to share sources and ideas. I made some very cool-looking scrubbers for the kitchen out of mesh bags from the produce department and my sewing machine. Who’da thunk?

I think that’s it. I hope to keep up a bit better now that I’m walking on my hind legs again.

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  1. See what happens. Nancys little toe resembles Rudolphs nose. I’m thinking of drawing a little reindeer face on her foot when she’s asleep…

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