Thumbs Down

Yeah, more fun at my house. Something must have bitten me — turns out it was one of those darned cats. Right on the thumb knuckle, and next thing you know I had a fat red thumb that looked like something you’d see in a Tom and Jerry cartoon, after being hit with a hammer. Looked like a big toe. A toe for a thumb. It was not sexy.

I had a lot of trouble using the space bar, opening jars and turning the key in my ignition. Let’s all cheer for the underappreciated opposable thumb!

I thought I had a case of arthritis. That’s how sharp I am. But when it swelled up and got all hot and feverish, I called the doctor and she put me onto a dose of fat antibiotics. Thumby is back down to almost normal size, still sore but able to tap the space bar again.

I want to publicly praise my thumb and share my fears at never playing the guitar again. (I don’t play the guitar, but if I did!) I could also have never hitchhiked again. Even though I don’t hitchhike. And what about doing my Fonzie impersonation? Heeeeeeey!

Thumbs up for a rapid recovery …just in time for holiday gift-wrapping!

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